There are few times in life fraught with as many questions as when you’re planning an event. We have a family of staff that look forward to these challenging moments. We have the experience to meet your challenges and translate them into fun opportunities.

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Yes, we’ll write a light contract. The goal of the contract is to wrap our hands around the many decisions, both small and large, that we’ll mutually have to make together and write them all down in one place. The contract will help you as the client fully understand the plan being laid out for your important day and the contract will become the bedrock for future decisions and planning as the event we’re creating becomes a reality.

Yes, most likely. Because we incur a few costs in advance of your event, it seems reasonable that clients pay a bit upfront. As a vendor, a deposit also acts as confirmation of the event: that way you know we’re committed to you and we know you’re committed to us.

Of course, site visits and consultations are a crucial part of planning a successful event. If we’re going to cook in a space for the first time we’ll insist on a site visit. If you want to host your event with us at one of our preferred venues we’ll happily meet you there and have an initial meeting about your event. Being in the space can really help make easier all the decision that follow once you’ve selected a date and location.

Absolutely. Restaurants make great event spaces. If another venue is wiling to let us in their space we look at that opportunity as a rarity and a special privilege. Some restaurants have larger rooms or dedicated event spaces, even dedicated event kitchens. We’d love to hear about what you have in mind and can easily connect with the host venue’s team to plan the logistics of working in their space.

Yes, of course. Cooking at our house is always the easiest thing because all our equipment is right where we want it. Richmond Station is typically very busy and we don’t often close the restaurant to our regular patrons. Since we’re closed Sunday, that’s a perfect day to let us host you at our place.

Of course. We can cook anything, and welcome the challenge. Every event is different and each guest is unique. We look forward to making a menu with you so that that the dishes made reflect how you want to serve the food, using the ingredients that are important to you.

Well we love cooking outdoors, in challenging locations and anywhere great ingredients call home. We regularly host events as far north east as Creemore, ON, as far south as Niagara, ON and as far east as Prince Edward County. Travelling with food, staff and equipment often has a big impact on the budget so that’s worth keeping in mind. Having said that, we’d love to hear about your event no matter how far away it is.

The main floor of Richmond Station is at ground level and is accessible by wheelchair. The main floor restrooms are not in the restaurant however and do need to be accessed through the main lobby of the building. Accessing these bathrooms is something are staff are happy to help with and they are always available. Please bare in mind that Richmond Station is on two floors and the entirety of the restaurant is not wheelchair accessible.

Not necessarily. With events and the restaurant (not to mention a young family), our entire team, including Carl, have a full calendar of commitments. Carl will certainly have a hand in determining your menu, choosing the team for the day of the events and ensuring the ingredients and hospitality are the best. Having said that, if having Carl at your event is an important part of the day for you then we can arrange that along with the other details of the day.

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