UP Cannabis

Concept driven corporate events are creative, vibrant and unique – and first impressions matter!


Date: July 03, 2018

Venue: The New Farm Kitchen

Guest Count: 200


Corporate, Farming, Outdoor


Charcuterie selection of meats and preserves from our pantry

House Made Sourdough herbed butter, sea salt

Vegetables Escabeche lightly pickled spring garden vegetables

Cucumber Gazpacho poblano, tomatillo, lime crema, chives

Smoked Juniper Jello Snap Peas creme fraiche, rosemary puree

Hemp Beet Tartare pistachio cream, basil, cassis

Cucumber Phatty hummus-dipped cucumber, vegetable ash, ras al hanout, nori

Sativa Hybrid chicken fried cauliflower and waffles, orange and fir powder, asparagus, juniper glaze

Indica Hybrid pine and mushroom glazed celeriac, cashew-rosemary romesco, black pepper, mace dusted chickpeas, chimichurri

CBD Indian Summer roast beef, nigella, cumin, cardamom, curry leaf, baby turnip, smoked mace

Sativa Persian lime glazed rainbow trout, mashed parsnip, pickled black currants, pine and fir oil, baby greens, rye berries

Lemongrass Ganache szechuan peppercorn powder, lime jelly

Orange Blossom Tarts thyme chantilly, bergamot-soaked currants

Rose-Scented Geranium Cookies lavender jam, candied coriander

Wood-Fired Pizzza

Hemp-Dusted Popcorn

The New Farm Kitchen Dinners are a series of culinary events hosted by Chef Carl Heinrich.

UP Cannabis is at the vanguard of a new industry in canada. legal cannabis brings about lots of opportunity, and lots of questions too. station events collaborated to host a brilliant multi day event at the new farm – hosting media, industry, influencers. 

Organic food and drink were the backdrop for two days of food, music and education.  The theme – Cannabis.  Snacks and cocktails centred around the flavours and aromas of cannabanoids.  No infusions of CBD or THC were used in the menu, but we certainly relied on stoner cutlure and plant material for inspiration.

This entire event was such a joy to put together.  Concept driven events, especially corporate events, really encourage creative output and UP Cannabis gave the chefs and bartenders are truly inspirational palate to start with.