Richmond Station Wedding

Our best friends turn Richmond Station into a chapel of love.


Date: May 06, 2017

Venue: Richmond Station

Guest Count: 100


Wedding, Accessibility, Indoor


Scallop Ceviche corn chips, lime, wild leeks, sriracha aioli

Beef Tartare pommes kennedy, caesar gel, chervil

Quinoa Salad radish, sunflower seeds, soybean hummus, red wine vinaigrette

Station Burger aged cheddar, beet chutney, milk bun

Mushroom Agnolotti spring greens, truffled cream cheese, basil, shiitake, fried sourdough

Cracker Jack sticky toffee, peanut brittle, popcorn ice cream, stout tuile

Polenta Fries truffle aioli, parmesan, chives

Pork & Duck Rilette

Oysters Rockefeller

Pork Belly Bo Ssam

Cubano Sandwiches

Beef Short Ribs On The Bones with Sticky Sauce

Carrot Cake toasted coconut, white chocolate, oolong caramel, ginger ice cream

Chocolate Snack Pack burnt orange ice cream, fudge cake, balsamic syrup, crushed hazelnuts

Hosting Alex and Laura’s wedding at Richmond Station was a rare and beautiful happenstance. Alex and Laura have been great friends of the restaurant for years. In fact, Alex went to culinary school with both Carl and Ryan and the three friends formed a lifetime bond.

Alex and Laura are both trained chefs and have worked in culinary environments for years. For their wedding, good food and drink were top priority.

The menu is a list of Alex and Laura’s favourite foods to eat from around the world with some Richmond Station classics sprinkled in. The menu planning was really just a series of questions: “Can you make Bo Ssam?  Can you make us sticky beef ribs?”  At Richmond Station, we’ll cook anything as long as ingredients are good and the final dish is delicious. Building a menu with a couple that has a clear vision of the foods they like to eat was a real pleasure.

The entire evening had a convivial atmosphere and was structured more like a raucous cocktail party than a formal wedding. There was no sit down dinner, no real formal set of speeches and no real concrete meal progression. Alex and Laura wanted a “standing room only” cocktail party with great “street food” that they fell in love with while travelling the world together. Oh, and they wanted the Stn. Burger!

Alex and Laura’s wedding stands out as a unique event for us to have hosted. While we have hosted many wedding receptions, this was the first time we had hosted an entire wedding ceremony. Alex and Laura exchanged vows at the front of the restaurant underneath our iconic round window, next to the chalkboard where we write our menu features each day.

It was perfect to see a good friend get married



We had a very clear picture in our of what we wanted for the day – brilliant food and drink and all of our family and friends together celebrating in one room.

Alex Heywood, The Groom