NFK Dinner Series #7: Hands On Experience

Each dinner in this series is a snapshot of the farm’s life cycle cast in a collaborative menu.


Date: July 28, 2018

Venue: The New Farm Kitchen

Guest Count: 38


Charity, Farming, Outdoor, Sustainable Living

The New Farm Kitchen Dinners are a series of culinary events hosted by Chef Carl Heinrich.

Richmond Station is an ingredient focused restaurant. We devote a lot of our time to sourcing great food. in 2017, we started growing our own organic vegetables. We’re learning to nurture soil, plant seeds, weed the garden and harvest our crops – then we get down to cooking.

Each dinner in this series is a unique moment when the farm looks just so, and the foods are at their best.

Get your hands dirty in the gardens planting seedlings, pulling beets and harvesting greens. Then wash your hands and be treated to a collaborative multi course feast with food so local your sitting among it. 

Chef Carl will be cooking alongside guest chef John Horne from Canoe.