NFK Dinner Series #3: Alex Feswick

Each dinner in this series is a snapshot of the farm’s life cycle cast in collaborative menu.


Date: March 03, 2018

Venue: The New Farm Kitchen

Guest Count: 20


Charity, Farming, Outdoor, Sustainable Living


Roasted Bone Marrow Sourdough, Mustard, Braised Dates

Twice Roasted Sunchokes Crispy Chicken Skin, Tobiko, Chives

Pear Agridolce Crostini Ricotta, Lemon, Mint

Cabbage Rolls

Charred Blue Hubbard Squash Persimmon, Chicory, Pistachio, Coconut, Burt Lime

Whole Roasted Lamb Leg fire roasted carrots, potatoes, romesco, hazelnuts, dill

Cauliflower Gratin Honeywagon Shallots

Burnt Beets New Farm Preserves

S'Mores at The Fire Pit

The New Farm Kitchen Dinners are a series of culinary events hosted by Chef Carl Heinrich.

Richmond Station is an ingredient focused restaurant. We devote a lot of our time to sourcing great food. in 2017, we started growing our own organic vegetables. We’re learning to nurture soil, plant seeds, weed the garden and harvest our crops – then we get down to cooking.

Collaborating with Alexandra Feswick from The Drake Devonshire, the chefs cooked in temperatures that were the coldest on record – and the guests ate some courses outside. This dinner was centred around “Cooking with Fire” and Chef Feswick arrived with a trailer full of cast iron rigs.