St. Lawrence Market Wedding

“Working with Station Events was probably the easiest part of our wedding planning” – The Bride


Date: June 24, 2017

Venue: St. Lawrence Market

Guest Count: 80


Historical, Wedding


Charcuterie selection of meats and preserves from our pantry

Artisanal Cheeses a selection of great cheeses, served with honey, nuts and grilled bread

Aioli Festival lorem ipsum

Oysters on The Half Shell horseradish, lemon, hot sauce, cocktail sauce, mignonettte

Duck Liver Pate apple-allspice chutney, homemade brioche

Jerk Chicken Tacos

Chickpea Fritters babaganoush, yogurt, cauliflower, dill

Polenta Fries truffle aioli, parmesan, chives

Station Burger aged cheddar, beet chutney, milk bun

Milk Chocolate Cheesecake cranberry, chestnut, mint

So many things ring special about this wedding. The bride, Catriona Ffrench, is a beloved supplier for the restaurant as part of the family that owns and operates Cookstown Greens. This organic vegetable farm just north of Toronto has long been a champion for local and organic produce. We use their carrots and greens every day at Richmond Station.

The venue for this wedding is also very unique. St.Lawrence Market Kitchen is stunning loft kitchen that is tucked above the rafters of the historic south building’s food market. With a well maintained commercial kitchen and ample space to cook and host, this space remains one of Toronto’s best kept secrets when it comes to special event planning.

It is always special to partner with clients that take food seriously. In fact, a hallmark of our events is that we look to make food and drink the focal point. The setting is always an important factor, as is the music and the amenities. But for our team to say yes to an event, the client should be looking to focus on the menu. Too easy when your working with farmers.

Chef de Cuisine Hayden Johnston was honoured that one the best farming families in the province would ask us, among all their chef friends, to take on the responsibility of cooking for their family on such an important afternoon. And of course, vegetables were the star ingredient.

Among the menu items, the Aioli Festival marks a special occasion every year. This dish, borrowed from French farming culture, is a celebration of vegetables ready at harvest. The best of the what’s available is cleaned, cut, blanched or pickled and laid bare on a platter with a series of dips and aiolis. Guests are always drawn to this platter full of bright radishes and multicoloured carrots.

This was a great afternoon in the city: a farming family, in an historic food market, celebrating a new chapter in life surrounded by delicious food and great drinks.

It was such a pleasure to work with the Station Events Team. They and the food they created were the best part of our wedding!

Catriona Ffrench, The Bride