Twilight Tuesdays

The Drake curates the music and the cocktails and the folks that work all day in tall office towers exit their elevators shortly after the whistle blows to find a raucous event going on, right in their backyard.


Date: August 16, 2016

Guest Count: 300


Farming, Sustainable Living

Twilight Tuesdays is a really fun street party hosted by The Drake 150, a restaurant neighbour of ours downtown Toronto.  Every Tuesday in August, a handful of restaurants in the financial district gather together in the courtyard behind The Drake 150 and offer a few small food items.

Station Events welcomes any opportunity to cook outside. ¬†Getting to cook alongside our peers (and have a few drinks while we’re at it, well that’s just even better).

In 2016 we offered fresh made waffle cones with organic vanilla ice cream topped with caramelized apples, miso caramel and cheddar streusel.