Butterfield and Robinson

Some corporate events are product launches – but some are just simple celebrations for the team!


Date: August 16, 2018

Venue: The New Farm Kitchen

Guest Count: 45


Corporate, Farming, Outdoor, Sustainable Living


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Bread & Butter oven baked sourdough and pita bread, ricotta, squash, ham shoulder

Chilled Corn Soup cherry tomatoes, basil oil, brown butter

Cucumber Salad tzatziki, buffalo queso fresco, dill and smoked trout

Roasted Pork Bo Ssam garden kimchi, pickled daikon, pickled carrot, napa cabbage wraps, purple scallion salsa, garlic chili sauce, steamed wild rice

Sweet Corn Posset maseca crumble, smoked Ontario peanuts, vanilla ice cream, poached apricots

Cheese, Crackers, Honey Stilton, buffalo queso fresco, Linsday goat cheddar, delice de burgogne

Chef Carl Heinrich helps the team at butterfield & robinson slow down and taste the flowers.

our team has hosted butterfield and robinson at the new farm many years in a row. this is a company that lives its philosophy and will sit around a table anywhere in the world to enjoy the food that comes from only a few feet away.

A casual dinner near the herb garden followed a walking tour of the farm where food stations were scattered among the crops.  Late August is great time to eat in Ontario – especially on an Organic farm.  The food for this meal was picked that morning the menu was organized standing in the field with our gardener, Guillermo.