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Station Events are ingredient focused, technique driven and expertly planned.
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Stations Events loves a wedding. We have a lot of fun at our weddings and when done right they can be the most important party of your life.  As hospitality professionals we’re committed to making  your most important days our most important events and we truly look forward to helping you create the richest experiences and the warmest memories.




Since we 2012, we’ve been building our own corporate culture and running a business is among life’s most challenging pursuits.  We love our team at Station Events and find it infectious being around other companies.  If you have a milestone in your company that needs recognition, we want to help you celebrate.  Maybe you’ve opened a new office, met a new client or launched a new product; we can help plan just the right environment for you to share that good news with your team.

Our favourite corporate events are open format and collaborative in their experience.  Many of our past clients have expressed a desire to get people in one room to engage with each other; maybe that’s sales teams from different countries, or clients of one firm that don’t typically spend time in the same room.  Nothing encourages conversation like plates of food that must be shared. A family style meal or a bar with a punch bowl can really help make connections for your firm that are just below the surface.


Team Building


Being a chef demands hours of practice and a decade of humble learning.  The hours spent developing new skills in the face of crushing pressure has left our Events team with a real passion for communicating.  Often, a new idea just needs the right words and a new skill just needs the right environment.  At Station Events we want to help you and your team get the best results and some time in the kitchen can be just the right recipe.

We offer rural retreats where groups of a dozen or so team members can challenge each other to empathize, communicate, lead and learn.  We can host breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as overnight camps and farm tours where you’re teams can get down in the dirt and we can work together to root your organization in the basics, the fundamentals.




We can think of lots of good reasons to celebrate.  Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, healthy recoveries.  Life is full of twists and turns and you need take time on the straight paths to celebrate the route you’ve taken.  At Richmond Station, we host special moments like these on a daily basis.  Frankly, any time you head out for dinner can and should be worth celebrating properly.  But Station Events is focused on those occassions that are so special you send out an invitation.  If you’re hosting extended family at your home would rather mingle than worry about the canapes and the dishes, that’s what we’re around for.  If you’re planning to book out a venue near or far and want to ensure that all the details are perfect, then we’d like to help make sure that day is perfect for you.




We genuinely love hospitality and the hardest thing about this business is coming to grips with charging clients.  Its an essential part of what we do, but it doesn’t always have to be.  As a company writ large, we aim to donate 1% of our net sales every year and we have a charitable directive to direct that giving to food based initiatives like Community Food Centres Canada and Second Harvest.  We also donate to culinary education initiatives and work closely with The Stratford Chefs School, George Brown College and the Canadian Food and Wine Institute and Niagara College.

Station Events will often wheel around Ontario pitching a tent and lighting a fire to cook for a good cause.  We work with our charitable partners to raise money and awareness.  We’ll work on projects that provide cost recovery, and this allows us to stretch our involvement as it extends our budget.

At the same time, we have been hired by charitable foundations with full event budgets and they’ve asked to plan and host a celebration where they can focus on advancing their cause and extending their own reach to as many new eyes and ears as possible.


Gathering around food and drink should always make people feel special and guests should leave feeling hopeful about the next day.  Charitable events can make these goals so real.